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Acquisition Of Elwell Street, Great Bridge

On behalf of Entity, which is the property arm of the Siddons Group, Bulleys were instrumental in negotiating the acquisition of a modern industrial/ warehouse unit with offices at Elwell Street, Great Bridge, comprising some 9,154 sq ft of accommodation. We initially provided our advice on the refurbishment works required to present the property in the best possible light for marketing and importantly the likely demand for the unit. The clients instructed us to acquire the building on their behalf. Negotiations were pursued and a purchase price agreed, but our involvement did not stop there. It was important that regular contact between the respective solicitors was maintained to ensure that the agreed timeframe on the purchase were met, ensuring a successful acquisition of the commercial premises.

Once the commercial premises were bought and our advice on the refurbishment followed, the premises were placed on the market by us and resulted in the letting to the Technology Conservation Group, who are an international business specialising in the recycling of components from sophisticated electronic products such as computers, TV’s and microwaves and are based in the USA. The letting was on a particular note, thanks to a virtual tour of the premises, which enabled the all important board approval on this transatlantic deal to be agreed with the US parent company with ease.

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